If you are anything like me (ambitious but tired as heck, stressed about work and bills and kids and life and on and on) then you probably need little moments throughout the day to de-stress. But who has time right?

Well for you to be able to take care of business like a boss, you HAVE to make time for yourself. That’s right people, it’s self-care time. Here are a few ways to squeeze in some quick self care:

  1. Sniff essential oils throughout the day – whether you have a diffuser or a roll-on bottle, using oils such as peppermint, lavendar and orange peel can have a positive effect on your mood, and some can even help with headaches. Try one of my favorite blends, Elevate by Royal Spa in this essential oil kit. They can be used on the skin (when diluted with a fractionated oil), in a humidifying diffuser or in a spray bottle.
  2. Light a candle in your office and do a quick breathing  meditation– If you can, light a candle for 5 minutes and take deep breaths in through your nose, exhaling out of your mouth. Focus your mind on listening to your breath sounds. This will center you and help clear your brain of the chaos around you. 
  3. Take your lunch to a park nearby – Having lunch in a setting away from home and office allows you to take in the sights around you and be free from the hustle and bustle. This is a great time to take a brisk ten minute walk and get some energy for the rest of your day. 
  4. Stretch it out! – Our bodies need love and when we take a moment to stretch, it can release some tension that may be sitting in your neck and shoulders. 
  5. Recite positive mantras throughout your day– Get your mind right by reciting positive mantras to get you through your day. I’ll share a few of my favorite mantras in another blog post. 

Making time for yourself is CRUCIAL. You deserve it. These are just a few ways to celebrate yourself throughout a busy day. Enjoy your life by adding small things like these to each day. 


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