About Our Work

Blak Gold Wellness Lounge is a company dedicated to the overall well being of communities of color. The personal development company is birthed from the life experiences of founder Babsy Sinandile, who learned how to successfully manage her once tumultuous life, despite being a single mother living in poverty, with severe personal traumas, and mental health illnesses such as PTSD, chronic depression, anxiety and adult ADHD.

Babsy Sinandile is a Transformation Coach, Speaker, Wellness Event curator and the founder of Blak Gold Wellness Lounge, a safe online space curated with Black and Brown millennial folx in mind. As a Certified Master Life Coach, Sinandile focuses on identifying and reversing mindset blocks that stem from years of generational trauma, through her signature Undoing Method (TM). As a self-proclaimed self-care strategist with a background in community health, she helps her people take excellent care of mind, body and soul through group and 1:1 coaching, educational and healing workshops, as well as inspirational social media content. She is a mother of two amazing girls, loves Salsa dancing and karaoke and indulges in an expensive hobby as a recording singer/songwriter. She has learned the importance of creating a life of joy and peace regardless of ones circumstances, through reading books by inspirational leaders, getting life coaching & therapy and following a spiritual journey that allows her to help others become their best, authentic self.

Blak Gold Wellness Lounge aims to change individual lives from the inside out. From personal development workshops focused on self-care strategies, a growing online community of growth minded individuals, mental health awareness, positive visualization, goal-setting, and more, we can help create a life you love and KNOW you deserve.

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." -Maya Angelou